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3D Wall Printer
Product characteristics:

HJZ LASER wall printer machines are very popular in the year of 2020 ,and already get many orders in the year of 2021.

There are water base ink type WP-01,UV ink type WP-06,double head type WP-05 for your selection.

1.   Assemble for the wall printer will be done in within 10 minutes

2.   2000ml ink can print about 180 square meters , ink cost very low

3. Famous brand Epson industrial printer head. , make vivid printing effects.

4. When meet sudden power off, automatically remember the break point,

automatic recovery the stopping position.

5. Quickly Upload pictures through USB , very easy and convenient for printing

6. With laser positioning system, which is automatically adjust distance between

wall and printer head, to keep good print quality and protect printer head.

7. HJZ wall printer are leading technology in the china 3D wall printers fields.

8. We will provide to our customer, complete video training from assembly equipment to printing,  and there is also an English version of data manual.

Wall printer machines ready for shipment

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