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Fiber laser Metal Sheet Cutting Machine
Product characteristics:

HJZ LASER provide one-stop metal sheet and metal tube laser cutting machine total solution to you.

The overall appearance of industrial aesthetics is of high grade, compact and reasonable structure, and it is extremely convenient to place and use.      


Excellent performance open processing mode, high efficiency and low cost.           

 Eight claw centralization fully automatic pneumatic chuck, non-destructive chuck clamp, instantaneous automatic centering and clamping workpiece.     


The stable and durable bed is welded and spliced with thickened steel plate. After heat treatment and surface treatment, the structure is firm, stable and durable.    


The operation is simple and independent, the international first-class CNC system, the operation is flexible, simple and intuitive.         


Customized collet clamp, loading bin and automatic feeding device can be customized according to actual needs.

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